Guide on Choosing a Rug

Posted on February 03 2021

Guide on Choosing a Rug

The size of an area rug can considerably alter the look and feel of a room. If a rug is too small, it can cause the room to feel uninviting and empty. In contrast, if a rug is too big it can make the room look small and feel claustrophobic. However, when you find the perfect rug size; it creates a grounded space that is warm and inviting. The right rug will not only anchor your space but also tie everything together.  
It can understandably be difficult to narrow down the perfect rug for any space. That is why we are going to share 3 of our design tips with you on how to choose the right rug color and size!  


Tip #1: Choosing the right size

As a general rule of thumb, most living room rug sizes run from 8x10 and 9x12. Unless you live in a small apartment or a tiny house, these sizes are the ones typically used. Another way to ensure you pick the right size is by measuring your sofa and making sure that the rug is 6”-8” longer than your sofa. This will give enough rug area to make sure that your couch is neither swallowed by rug nor too big to fit on it either. It also gives you a good margin to walk around the sofa comfortably or a place for a small side table.  
Pro Tip: Mark measurements with painters' tape on your floor to have a good visual before purchasing! 



Tip #2: Choosing the right color 

While it can be fun to choose a color or pattern that is bright and colorful, those can fall out of trend quickly. When choosing the color and pattern for your rug, you want to choose one that is classic and timeless- something that will not go out of style any time soon. For example, Persians, solids, stripes, natural fibers and neutral tones are all great choices that will always remain in style. Better to choose a simple, well-grounded rug that will remain a great neutral color rather than a rug that will be out of style a year from now. If you ever decide to change your space up a bit, you will already have a good neutral foundation to build from! 







Tip #3: Choosing the right pile (thread length) 

Another aspect to consider is the pile of the rug. Pile refers to the density or thickness of a rug. When deciding on the pile, think about its' practicality and placement. Will your rug be getting more foot traffic? Or will it need to be a cozy carpet for your bedroom? Will it be an outdoor rug for your back porch? Or a living room rug for your kiddos to play on? Here are the pro and cons between longer and shorter piles... 
The longer the pile of a rug, the thicker and more luxurious it will be. Longer pile equals a more soft, plush, comfortable rug. The downside to a longer pile is it will be less durable and some extra up-keep. Longer piles are better used for a cozy bedroom, living room or sitting room areas.  
The shorter the pile on the other hand, will allow for a sturdier and lower maintenance. Short pile rugs are better for outdoor spaces, dining areas and more foot traffic. They’re great for messy-prone areas because they are easier to clean up and vacuum which is a plus! 
Pro tip: If you decide on a small pile, you can always purchase a rug pad for more cushion and comfort. They help protect your floors from spills that may occur, and they collect dirt and grime from your floor and rug. Rug pads not only prevent movement and bunching, but they also extend the life of your rug!  






Below are a few visual tips on some “do’s and don'ts's” when placing your rug. 



These are just a few practical tips to help you in the rug-choosing process. Our Ivy & Stone Designers are more than happy to help you select which rug works best for you and your home as well as help design the layout of the rug and furniture in your space. Don’t forget to subscribe to our email list for more Home Décor Tips & Tricks to come 



                         You can also browse our online collection of rugs in the link below. 



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