Styling and designing your home can be an overwhelming project for anyone to tackle. There are so many design questions which most people don’t know how to begin to answer. Questions like “how will the kitchen hutch my grandmother gave me fit in with my style?" or “can my curtains tie the sofa and the rug together but also accentuate the structure of the space? "You may have a blank slate or a few key pieces of furniture to start with. Regardless of where you’re at or what you have, sometimes all anyone needs is a little bit of design help. 







Brandi Sharkey, owner and founder of Ivy and Stone first set out with a vision to help her clients create a personalized style for their home. Her mission for Ivy and Stone was not to just simply be a home decor store. She wanted a brand that cared about bringing its clients’ ideas and visions to life. I spoke with Brandi to give us a little bit more insight into what Ivy & Stone is about and the history behind it. 



This is her story... 








Where were you in life when you started Ivy & Stone?  
“It was 2014 at the time, I was a full-time photographer, a newlywed and starting to a build a life of my own and itching for another creative outlet.”  




Why did you create Ivy & Stone?  
I always loved decorating my own home and helping friends with their homes. It was hard for me to find what I was looking for locally, so a lot of my personal home décor items I would find online or when I traveled. I quickly realized there was a need for a store like this in our area. I often drove by the building we are currently in on Benton Road and had always thought it had so much charm and character – when it became available for lease I just had to go check it out, and quickly started envisioning what it is now- Ivy & Stone.”  



What was your vision for your clients and what do you hope they will gain from their experience with Ivy & Stone?  
I wanted our customers to feel a warm welcome as soon as they walked through the door. I wanted to offer in store help to those needing decorating advice. I wanted unique products and gifts that no one else had in the area.”  






What’s your favorite part about Ivy & Stone?  
The new relationships and people it has bright into my life. I love seeing repeat customers and hearing how much they love Ivy & Stone. I love seeing how happy and excited people get when their homes are styled and cozy, and I am glad Ivy & Stone can be a part of that in a way.”  




What are some of your favorite memories?  
Probably the memories made with Ivy & Stone team- we've been through a lot together. We’ve had overnight trips with plenty of memories to write a book about, lots of laughs and fun moments. I would do anything for those girls, Ivy & Stone would not be what it is today without each and every one of them.”  




What has been a rewarding part of the whole journey?  
Watching it grow. I would have never dreaming that the little Benton Road store and vision I had six years ago would grow into a second location in Shreveport – and now a third coming soon to Ruston! I literally say a prayer for the store, our team and customers every night... it’s almost like birthing children and watching them grow up. It’s amazing, scary and fun all at the same time. Much like motherhood is rewarding... so is this.”  



If you could describe Ivy & Stone in one word, what would it be? 




What would you say to anyone struggling to design a space in their home?  
Come and see us!! If you can’t do that be sure to follow us here, we will be blogging and posting a lot more tips and tricks and sharing tutorials that will hopefully help you with any of your home projects.”  





For the past six years Brandi has led the Ivy & Stone Team to help create a uniquely tailored style for each home. One of the unique attributes of the Ivy & Stone Team is that they make sure your vision shines through while keeping the overall look fresh and new. From Ivy & Stones charming atmosphere to their helpful design team members, this place is the perfect creative outlet to turn your house into a home to enjoy with family and friends.



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