Design Services

We want to furnish your life, in style.

From unique statement pieces to curated home design, our team is ready to help your vision come to life!

We Offer the following services:

Home Goods + Decor

We source unique and timeless pieces for your home to stand out and express your most authentic self. Our storefronts, and our online shop, are constantly acquiring new elements to make your home captivating and memorable.

Interior Design

Our experienced  team of interior designers are ready to help you visualize and source the interiors that you’ve been dreaming of! With extensive knowledge and consistent resources, we partner with you to bring your vision to life.

New Build Consultation

Building a new home? Our team of designers are ready to connect with you and take the journey to make your new home one that most accurately reflects who you are and what you love. We also love making the process easy and fun!

We’re passionate about authentic aesthetics.

We are constantly looking for organic and modern statement pieces, as well as everyday items, that are both modern and timeless. Our team is innovative, detail oriented, and dedicated to working with you to find the future-forward aesthetic that feels authentically you.

Why Work With Ivy & Stone?

For many years, our team of design experts have been working  with clients to help and curate a home  that most accurately reflects who they are, what they need most, and what functions best within their space.. Our experience, along with our extensive knowledge and resources, makes us a wonderful asset to ensure an experience of being heard and understood. We are equipped with the best possible solutions in the market today, and would love to work with you.